Healing by Annette Müller

is completely down to earth

Her methods of energy healing are all about results, like any form of medicine or healthcare. Inviting doctors and researchers as well as lay people to witness and explore the process and the results as well as documenting them is key to her approach. Results that often occur spontaneously but can last a lifetime have been verified by modern technology.

Every year, Annette hosts a festival at Villa SAN ESPRIT that brings together figures of the world of healing, science and evolution of consciousness. These have included Rupert Sheldrake, Japanese scientist Dr. Nemoto, Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, and filmmaker Emmanuel Itier. For 2017 SHARON STONES participation as the producer of the documentary THE CURE has been announced.


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amazinGRACE + KAR

Palma de Mallorca Mai 2019 – more Information here

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Cannes Cinema Academy
May 13th 2018

DO UT DES 2019
Germany September 21st + 22nd



by Annette Müller