Who is Annette Müller?

In the field of energy healing, Annette Muller is a name to remember. As the founder of Villa San Esprit, the first and only stationary hospital for energy healing in Germany, and the affiliated school for energy healing, École San Esprit. Annette has worked tirelessly to increase the awareness of energy healing methods that are able to provide benefits for everyone.

Annette works and teaches in an arena that could be puzzling to most people, especially those who have learned to think from a purely scientific basis. When one relies only on what can be proven by the medical or scientific community and bases their actions accordingly, the realm of energy healing seems impossible. Those who experience the awesome and inexplainable results of energy healing with Annette and the graduates of École San Esprit, very often throw aside their limits to the healing that is possible. They reconsider their former beliefs, and find that opening to energy healing enriches their lives and that of others.

Formerly a successful publisher, Fate led Annette to a healing career. Suffering from injuries after a major car accident, she tried every procedure she could without relief. She found no medical or alternative medicine could relieve her pain, and was unable to return to her previous lifestyle or profession.

From this seemingly hopeless situation she was introduced to spiritual and energy healing. Finally she found the help she had been searching for and began to experience physical, emotional, and mental healing. This touched her so deeply that she changed her life around. Annette began taking energy healing trainings in Germany and abroad. She decided to embrace this kind of healing work herself and do what she could to promote it worldwide.


More than 1.500 students testify to her success

In addition to methods she studied, Annette sourced her own main techniques: amazinGRACE® and SKYourself. These courses and several other energy healing methods are offered in a two year program at École San Esprit. Eventually the Villa San Esprit evolved, so that the healing methods that had changed her life could be offered to those in need. Over the past ten years, Annette‘s successes have made her an internationally known and recognized healer.

The exceptional success of École San Esprit where she and twenty instructors offer courses, is not only due to her profound and convincing way of conveying knowledge that is not offered elsewhere. The graduates also acknowledge Annette to be down to earth, which has been a very important part in spreading the high reputation of the school.

Over 1.500 men and women from Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Austria and Switzerland have trained in amazinGRACE® and/or SKYourself, and now offer this healing work in their home countries.

Spreading the written word on energy healing

To be able to spread the knowledge that got her back on her feet after being so severely injured, Annette founded the SAN ESPRIT EDITION, a publishing branch of her institution.

Her German autobiography and the English translation of BLAZING TRAILS OF MIRACLES is read internationally. Additional German titles are being published as well.

Annette links modern medicine with energy healing

With her clear vision and distinct outlook Annette is enhancing the fusion of medicine and energy healing. She is passionate about preparing the ground work for a renaissance of old and long lost knowledge and helping to minimize any prejudice towards energy healing with her professionalism.

She has created a large network of practitioners from all over the world and she constantly finds new ways to manifest visionary tasks. Since she taught SKYourself® in the United States the number of her followers there is growing. Her daughter Anya, who lives in the US and works there as an actress and healer, also supports her further work in the US.

In Germany Annette facilitates a once a year festival on the premises of the hospital, presenting leading personalities like the famous TV priest Father Jürgen Fliege, the phd doctor and author Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke, and the internationally recognized Japanese scientist and author Dr. Masaru Emoto. Their presence and participation certifies the competence and expertise of Annette Muller, a pioneer for a new way of healing.


Producer of the documentions:

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